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    Digital Media

    Of course we’re going to say that we’re the best digital advertising agency in Denver, every advertising agency will say that about themselves. But we are, and how can we prove it? Well we didn’t get to be named one of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Businesses by the Colorado Business Journal from staying behind the times. And how do we do it? We utilize social networking, graphic design and the latest techniques in online advertising to reach your target market.

    Print Media

    You won’t see our ads turned into paper hats, paper airplanes or lining the new puppy’s kennel. We produce killer graphic design that will catch the consumer’s eye. Then we create content that is so interesting that the person who picked up the pretty piece of paper will actually want to read what is on the paper. Print ads belong in the consumer’s hand, not in the recycling bin.

    Social Media

    The key to social media marketing is engagement. Under our social media management, your business will connect with so many people that it will bring a single tear to Mark Zuckerberg’s eye.

  • Mike Lash Founder & President

    How did Mike get to be named one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Sales People by the Denver Business Journal? He started day one under the principle that your personal business grows when you help others and25 years later he still lives that motto out every day. He started the business with only $100 and began reaching out to those in need and grew their businesses. Mike’s goal was, and continues to be, to turn no one away and make any budget work. This is why his business continues to thrive and grow after 25 years. He first mastered media buys in the late 80’s while he working at KOSI Radio and Channel 17 in Columbus, Ohio. There he learned that all medias are very negotiable and that’s why today he still oversees every buy personally. Alongside learning broadcast media, he started to learn the ins and outs of print media, direct mail until he became known as a “sage” in the printing and direct mail industry. As the times are changing, he’s now concentrating most of his efforts on internet advertising. Bottom line, the best way to describe Mike is as a really good dude.

    Kelsey Bergan Creative Director

    Kelsey has always had a passion for art, which lead her to a career path of graphic design. She graduated at the top of her class from the Art Institute of Denver in 2004, and proudly received the best portfolio award. After graduation, she did in-house design and freelancing in Denver and Chicago for several years. In 2012 she joined Denver Advertising and has been a great fit. Kelsey is constantly growing and improving with the challenges that the agency world throws at her. And Kelsey would never say it, but she’s good. Like super good.

  • Welcome to Denver Advertising. We are a full service marketing and advertising agency that can be the answer to your business needs. Whether you want the phone to ring or online sales to skyrocket, we’re confident we can get you there through social media marketing, graphic design, company branding, print advertising or whatever tactics align with your company’s marketing strategy. Where some advertising agencies get turned off by low budgets, our advertising agency will turn any amount of ad dollars into new business, no matter the size of the budget. So why should you hire Denver Advertising over other Denver advertising agencies? Our full service is actually full service. From strategizing, to creating content, to graphic design, all the way to printing, we’ll handle it. We are reachable, quick and led by our Christian-based morals, which means we’ll always treat you as we would like to be treated. We think experience speaks for itself, and after 25 years of being a Denver advertising agency, we’re pretty confident we know what we’re doing when it comes to reaching the Denver-area market. Let us help you reach your target group within the Denver, CO market!

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We’re One of the Best Denver Ad Agencies- And This is Why

Of course we’re going to say that we’re the one of the best Denver ad agencies. We were named one of the 25 Fastest Growing Businesses by the Colorado Business Journal. We offer full-service marketing, digital marketing and creative media design for all things advertising. We live and breathe advertising. We’re an agency with an edge, a national media advertising presence, an agency that loves big branding projects, an agency that full-service businesses hire for digital marketing that gets results. We’re one of Denver’s award-winning advertising agencies for good reason. And our client reviews prove it.

Which of the Following is True with Regard to Denver Ad Agencies?

Ad agencies in Denver provide a remarkable variety of services for advertising, media and marketing services for Denver and the general Colorado area.
Did you know?

• There are over 160 Denver ad agencies
• Advertising agencies in Denver are major national and international advertising and marketing players
• Denver Advertising is one of the Top 25 Largest Denver Advertising Agency
• The Colorado Business Journal listed us as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Sales teams
• We’ve created work for The Tonight Show

What Do Advertising Agencies Do?

Denver ad agencies provide a healthy list of business-critical advertising services that create the edge in creating digital business success stories:

• Digital marketing services
• PR services
• Creative services
• Web site design
• Web site development,
• Branding services
• Media production
Video production

Christian Advertising Agency Denver

Welcome to Denver Advertising! We’ve been a full-service advertising agency in Denver, Colorado for over 25 years now. 25 must be our lucky number because we were named one of the Top 25 Largest Advertising Agencies in Denver by the Denver Business Journal. We definitely don’t let it get to our head, though (much). Our success is built on helping other businesses succeed. With each client we take the time to get to know their business on a deeper level and we enjoy doing it that way. Understanding our client’s needs and translating them into incredible art and increased sales is what we do best. Having the name of a 25 year old business, Denver Advertising, on our back, we take extreme pride in the work we produce. We are reachable, quick and led by our Christian-based morals. We will always make sure our clients are getting their money’s worth.
What does being a “full-service” advertising agency mean, exactly? Being a full-service advertising agency means that we are going to take your business problem from realization all the way to solution. Our advertising agency will brainstorm strategy and then we will produce the ideas from the drawing board all the way to their media debut. The work doesn’t stop there, though. After the campaign makes its debut, we will track it and evaluate the success of the ad. From there we will determine if a change in media, content or even strategy is needed. We’ll keep what’s working and fix what’s not. That, to us, is everything a full-service advertising agency should offer. Some of the other guys will say “full-service” but only do half of that.
The most talked about advertising right now is social media marketing. Spoiler alert: we’re pretty good at that as well. Think of social media marketing as giving your brand a voice. If your business were a human what would their personality be like? Would they be nurturing, funny, honest, witty, intelligent or bold? Social media marketing is where you get to show that. Social networking can be so much more than arguments, memes and dog pictures (though we would happily incorporate dogs into your social media campaign). We’ll take your brand to the next level on social networking sites and make content that is engaging enough to start conversation among consumers. And because we’re a full-service advertising agency, we can then supplement your social networking game with traditional media.
We use trackable data to evaluate the performance of campaigns and will always be transparent about what is working and what’s not. Whether it’s building your brand, managing your social media, creating an engaging campaign, designing marketing materials or optimizing your website, we will generate you more business. If your competitors are sleeping easy at night, we’re not doing our job. We would love to talk about ways to get your business growing. Call us at 303-777-6253 or email us at to start the conversation.

Our Expertise.

Ditch the “marketing strategy mold” and find out what actually works for your business and what media will reach your target market. We don’t follow a step-by-step process for campaigns or assume every business is the same. We will sit down with you and figure out the best possible strategy and then make it work within your budget. Careful consideration and attention to detail is enforced at every turn. An overview of the strategies we use is listed below, but how we would tailor each to your business would be a much more extensive list.


Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Whether your company is small or large, make it stand out from all the others. Learn More

Web Development

Websites have become the number one tool used to gain new customers. Our team specializes in building websites from the ground up, fixing up old ones and maintaining existing ones. Learn More

Brand Development

Your brand is what speaks for your business when you can’t be there to speak about it yourself. We’ll help you establish a consistent and unique identity that can be used in any form of communication.Learn More


People rarely ever go beyond the first page of search results, so to be seen you need to be on the first page of search results. We’ll get you there. Simple as that. Learn More

Internet Advertising

With the Internet being people’s number one source for information, it’s obvious that the Internet is where the people are at. So if you want to reach people? You guessed it, you better be on the internet. Learn More

Email Marketing

Email marketing A.K.A. blast emails fall under online marketing and are a quick, inexpensive and effective way to reach potential customers. We’ll just help you make sure those emails are actually good emails. Learn More

Social Media

#YouShouldBeOnIt if you aren’t already. And if you are on it, you should be purposeful with your social media. Don’t be on social media just because everyone else is on it. Be there to differentiate your company and build your brand. Learn More


Retargeting generates sales by keeping your brand in front of the customer (digitally) at all times once their behavior has shown that they are ready to buy. This strategy utilizes cookies to track customers behavior and then overflow their phones and laptops with your ads once they have expressed interest in your product or a similar product. Learn More


We’re proud to offer professional photography to our clients. We specialize in industrial, commercial, food and portrait photography. Learn More

Video Production

Video is a compelling way to gain people’s attention and communicate a message quickly and effectively. We will write, shoot, edit and produce a professional video for YouTube, your website or TV commercials. Learn More

Traditional Media

Traditional media is not to be neglected in this digital age. We produce T.V. and radio spots as well as create print ads for magazines and newspapers. We also guarantee the best placement for your dollar.
Learn More

Graphic Design

Our graphic design department is skilled in many areas of design such as print layouts, digital layouts and logo design. With all these facets, we’ll make sure you receive a consistent, clean image that reflects your brand’s identity across all media. Learn More


By consulting we mean sitting down with you to just talk and figure out what they really need and want. Together, we’ll develop a marketing strategy that will help your business reach its goals. Learn More


What if there was a way to swoop in and get the attention of potential customers just as they were ready to buy from your competition? Spoiler alert: there is. Technology is so neat nowadays that we have the ability to target customers at very specific locations and steps of the buying process. Learn More


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